why this, why now?

I've decided to try out a blog because I seem to have ideas and get ideas all the time, with no central and accessible way of documenting these ideas. It could be ideas for my own personal projects, ideas for teaching design, design inspiration, or a place to put up some of my own design/art/creative stuff.

So here we go, lets see how well it suits my intentions....

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Edinburgh 2004

I did this painting while living in Edinburgh in 2004.  Acrylic on canvas 900 x 450 approx (from memory)
This one is similar to the painting I have just completed of a house on Mt Victoria with the lights on inside at dusk.  The thing about this particular one is that it was from quite late at night in the middle of summer when the light stays in the Scottish sky til close to 11pm.  Whereas the Wellington one is more like 5pm on a winters evening.  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dusk in Mt Victoria

200mm x 400mm acrylic on canvas
started, ended and blogged this one all in one day....

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shigeru Ban - proposed design for Christchurch

Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban has come up with a design for a cardboard cathedral for Christchurch.  It was presented on TV3 news on Sunday although this link shows it in more detail.  
Interesting responses from my students when they saw the news article.  I don't think that the idea is as elegant as other temporary/cardboard buildings he has designed, but interesting and debatable nonetheless...
Here are some of his other interesting buildings that are in response to earthquakes....
and this video is really good.....
Shigeru Ban video

shigeru ban, paper bridge, cardboard bridge, structural cardboard, bridge
Cool picture - I love bridges...

an oldie - wellington waterfront - kumutoto series - details

these are details of a painting made up of 3 canvasses which can be arranged either lined up vertically or horizontally   

snippets of the completed painting