why this, why now?

I've decided to try out a blog because I seem to have ideas and get ideas all the time, with no central and accessible way of documenting these ideas. It could be ideas for my own personal projects, ideas for teaching design, design inspiration, or a place to put up some of my own design/art/creative stuff.

So here we go, lets see how well it suits my intentions....

Sunday, February 26, 2012

paintings for kitchens

Stripes, pacifica styled flowers, food and text, are common here.  

top:  Cafe Kainui, 2005 (900 x 750) - for our flat in Hataitai on Kainui Road
centre:  Cafe Naenae 2007 (1015 x 505) - for the Martins of Naenae
bottom:  3 panel pacifica flowers 2007 (3 @ 450 x 150)- owned by the Braders in Boston.  

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